BUF Creamery

The product had only been on the market for less than a year (as of this writing). In the short span of 6 months BUF was nationwide at Whole Foods. Their global cheese buyer called it the ‘best discovery of 2014’. It was then sought after by several major grocery retailers. See More

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Fiorucci Foods™ Natural Deli Meat Packaging


The packaging was redesigned/launched in 2013. Early anecdotal feedback from retail buyers was exceptionally positive with regards to the redesign. The result was an immediate and substantial increase in sales of 25% year-over-year change from 2013 to 2014. See More

Before & After Packaging for Deli Meat
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Olli Salumeria

Within one year of launch, the products were carried in over 1000 Whole Foods, Olli was selected as Vendor of the Year and the design work was featured in various online and print publications. See More

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