Our services include everything that’s about bringing brands to life. We begin with strategic thinking, and continue through execution for packaging production and the digital brand space. We are a full-service agency with extensive experience in all aspects of brand creation and marketing.

  • brand_strategy

    Brand Strategy

    We get consumer product brands and their unique challenges. Let’s help you figure out the who, what and how of branding and packaging your product.

  • brand_naming

    Brand Naming

    A name means more than ever before with the reach of social media and mobile texting. Naming is part science, part art – and the process shouldn’t leave you feeling mystified.

  • logo_design

    Branding & Logo Design

    The mark that represents all you do should stand the test of time. Successful product brand marks favor clarity over cleverness. Powerful brands are memorable and form real connections with consumers.

  • package_design

    Packaging Design

    Our deep, rich experience in the wonderful world of packaging gives our clients a terrific advantage. We’ll guide you in selecting the options that will most benefit your growing product brand (and bottom line).

  • structural_design

    Structural Design

    Thinking in 3 dimensions is something that’s second nature here at Miller. If you need a unique packaging structure, we’re on it. We also bring in industrial design talent on projects that need to take structural design to the next level.

  • copywriting


    We like words. We’ll come up with taglines, packaging romance copy and ad campaigns. We favor a straightforward style over marketing-speak.

  • web_design

    Web Design

    We design websites to help our clients maintain a consistent brand voice across all touchpoints. Our rock-star web developers can be relied on for superior coding.

  • social_media

    Social Media

    We’re always on the edge of social media developments and actively seek ways to bring this knowledge to our clients. Social media is marketing’s most active and vibrant frontier and we can help you maximize your reach here.

  • brand&marketing_assets

    Brand & Marketing Assets

    We cover all the supporting print material you might need – from business cards to sales sheets, as well as ad campaigns and trade show assets.

  • vendor_sourcing

    Vendor Sourcing & Management

    Working with packaging vendors of all types is something we’re cool with. We can even help you source unique packaging or point-of-sale displays from professional and cost-effective overseas vendors.