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Joyloop - Name and Logo


naming and branding

Pyure Sweeteners - Bakeable Blend

Pyure Organic Stevia Sweetener

Sweetener Rebrand

Vera Pasta - Packaging

Vera Pasta

branding and packaging

Fiorucci Foods™ Natural Deli Meat Packaging

Fiorucci Foods

deli meat packaging

NemiChia - Brand Identity & Packaging Design


chia pudding

Cafe Time Cookie Branding & Packaging - Cookie Flap

Café Time

Gourmet Natural Cookies

simple squares ginger wrapper with custom illustration

Simple Squares®

re-branding for snack bars

Napizza Interior Wall


Pizza al Taglio Restaurant

Chia Vie Beverage Packaging - All Flavors

Chia Vie

Natural Chia Beverage