chia pudding

NemiChia - Brand Identity & Packaging Design

NemiChia makes a convenient, delicious chia pudding. It’s rich in nutrition and actually tastes good. Miller™ set out to create a brand identity and package design that lives up to the promise of great-tasting chia pudding.

A relaxed, hand-lettered logo with charming watercolor style illustrations and handwritten copy throughout, all combine to lend a natural, approachable and fun brand voice.

Friendly and witty copy features throughout, such as “tiny, yet mighty”, “yum starts here.”, “spoonable chia” and “caution: may contain superpowers”.

The product launched at ExpoWest 2014 and was very enthusiastically received. The product is now rolling out in the NYC area, with distribution expanding steadily.

NemiChia Logo DesignWatercolor Illustration for Packaging DesignNemiChia Vanity Barcode - Spoonable ChiaNemiChia Sales Sheet DesignNemiChia Sales SheetNemiChia Logo