Olli Salumeria 2.0

Salami Brand Refresh

olli chubs

When a brand you create becomes a nationwide multimillion-dollar success, you know they’re a satisfied client. There is no better compliment when a brand returns to update their brand identity and packaging across a wide range of new products and marketing assets!

This is exactly what happened with Olli Salumeria, who came back to Miller to strategize and execute a sweeping brand refresh, building on the original identity and packaging we created in 2010. The company, originally founded in Virginia, is now located in California in a state-of-the-art 80,000SF production facility. Olli products are sold nationwide.

The brand refresh covers new packaging for Olli’s range of slow-cured, artisanal salami chubs, pre-sliced meats, marketing materials, and point-of-sale assets.

Photo Credits: Kip Dawkins


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