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NemiChia makes a convenient, delicious chia pudding. It’s rich in nutrition and actually tastes good. Miller™ set out to create a brand identity and package design that lives up to the promise of great-tasting chia pudding.

A relaxed, hand-lettered logo with charming watercolor style illustrations and handwritten copy throughout, all combine to lend a natural, approachable and fun brand voice.

Friendly and witty copy features throughout, such as “tiny, yet mighty”, “yum starts here.”, “spoonable chia” and “caution: may contain superpowers”.

The product launched at ExpoWest 2014 and was very enthusiastically received. The product is now rolling out in the NYC area, with distribution expanding steadily.

NemiChia - Brand Identity & Packaging DesignNemiChia Logo DesignWatercolor Illustration for Packaging DesignNemiChia Vanity Barcode - Spoonable ChiaNemiChia Sales Sheet DesignNemiChia Sales SheetNemiChia Logo