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Zentei™ is a superior-grade matcha tea that seeks to promote it to individuals who strive for a healthy lifestyle. The company approached us at Miller™ to create a brand name, branding and packaging, and website.

We began the creative process for the matcha branding and packaging (as we do for all brands) with Category Immersion. Part of this step includes competitive research to evaluate what other brands are doing in the same product category (and related categories). With Zentei, we studied matcha brands, as well as green tea and the general tea category.

What we discovered was that matcha was almost overwhelmingly packaged in mostly green or green/white packaging. We sought to differentiate the Zentei product by intentionally not going with a strong green color, but rather chose a navy blue and seafoam green palette. At the same time, consumers expect some sort of green on matcha, so we did not eliminate green completely.

Additionally, we commissioned a botanical illustrator to create a green tea botanical painting for the package. The resulting artwork, combined with the minimalist packaging approach strikes a balance of warmth and clarity, thus appealing to a broad base of potential matcha tea consumers.

The back of the package is rich with meaningful content that highlights not just the generalized health benefits of matcha, but also describes the details of its nutrient profile and how that affects ones overall wellbeing and vitality. This serves to educate consumers who may not see matcha as relevant to their lifestyle at first.

Miller provided: strategy, brand naming, brand identity, packaging design, vendor sourcing for packaging supplier and Shopify website design.

Zentei Matcha Branding and Packaging
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