Branding. A personal perspective.

People ask, “What is a brand?” Depending who you ask, a brand can mean different things. I like to define a brand as a Big Idea that wants to be shared with the world. It might be a great food product, a service or even a person. Uncovering that big idea is what we focus on with every client — from Fortune 500s to innovative start-ups. There is ALWAYS a big idea underneath even what might seem to be the simplest of concepts. It’s what drives a brand owner’s passion and fuels large enterprises. It comes down to that one simple thing.

Expressing the Big Idea is what the art of branding comes down to in nuts and bolts: how we communicate in a clear, simple and compelling way across all communication touchpoints. It’s how a brand expresses itself from the logo to its social media voice, and everything in between. Ultimately, all brand expression assets come together to convey this Big Idea to consumers in a consistent and utterly clear way.

For over 20 years I’ve always loved working with brands, both large and established, as well as small and new, because each brand story is deeply interesting to me. Being our clients’ trusted guide throughout the process of ‘giving birth’ to a brand (or reinvigorating an existing brand) is energizing and exciting. It’s also humbling and an honor to join our clients for this important stage in achieving their vision — we get to be at the forefront of something new and exciting every day at Miller. From the first steps where we get to know a client’s vision, to the point where they brand is alive in the world, it’s so gratifying to watch a brand come to life and influence the world in its unique way.

I think what makes Miller a unique agency is the hands-on approach from every member of our team. I’m personally involved at every stage in a project no matter how small or big. We selectively take on clients we believe we can do an outstanding job for, that are looking for a partner that truly cares about their business. Talk with us when you’re ready to bring your brand to life.