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Mia is a brand focused on plant-based deli, made by Italian gourmands that know the art of cured deli meats. They’ve managed to turn lupini beans in an array of flavorful deli-style slices that mimic carpaccio, prosciutto and salami!

Miller was tasked with creating a brand identity strategy, from name and brand tone to market penetration strategy. Our solution was to craft a brand that would target the rapidly emerging flexitarian demographic, by making Mia and brand that would feel right at home in the regular deli aisle (instead of the current plant based and tofu based meat substitute section).

Our strategy paid off, and Mia was spotted early on the animal-protein deli aisle alongside real meat products, in mainstream stores like Shoprite.

The design features bold, flavor-inspired colors and visual elements, while remaining rooted in Italy’s food culture. The look promises a flavorful and authentic culinary experience.

The brand continues to perform in a market with increasingly blurry lines between plant based products (like Impossible) and sustainable premium animal protein products.