Bee Seasonal Honey



Bee Seasonal is a honey brand that curates specialty honey from specific regions around the world. Each region is defined by a unique botanical fingerprint. The flavor and color of the honey is particular to that location, all clearly expressed on the honey packaging. In addition, the season of harvest is pivotal in the flavor and characteristics of the honey, which is also displayed on the different components of honey packaging.

Miller developed a unique brand position for Bee Season, centered around storytelling through the honey itself, where Every Honey Tells a Story™.

We designed the logo, brand identity, honey packaging for jars, honey packaging for boxes and a website.

We created unique honey packaging with a label concept that identifies the season when the honey was harvested, using a handy (and tiny) calendar grid on the sticker seal. Boxed gift-ready honey packaging includes a 4-part window cutout that highlights the regional theme of the brand.

Bee Seasonal carved out a successfully differentiated brand position among a sea of many other honey brands, and continues to gain popularity through online sales, brick-and-mortar gourmet retailers and its active social media.

Bee Seasonal Honey Packaging DesignBee Seasonal Honey Packaging DesignBee Seasonal Honey Packaging DesignBee Seasonal Honey Packaging Design