Nene Imagination


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Nene Imagination is a Washington DC-based toy brand specializing in educational toys and puzzles. When it came to creating their toy packaging design and brand identity, we were thrilled to be on board (especially as parents!) to help bring the brand to life.

The logo is made up of boxes and circles in pleasing, kid-friendly colors. The colored shapes were incorporated into a brand pattern, that helps unify the brand across a range of products.

As a speciality toy brand, the packaging was essential for standing out in a very crowded and busy store environment. We considered packaging shape, structure, material and visual content.

A unique rounded 3-sided shape was chosen for the Puzzle Without Borders toy, which is an endlessly tessellating puzzle of 3 interlocking animal shapes.

Working with overseas packaging suppliers, we refined the packaging structure until the fit was accurate and quality was up to par. Special attention was placed on every detail of fit and finish. The result is a beautiful box from every angle.


“The toy business is extremely competitive. It takes a lot to get the attention of kids and their parents, especially when you’re competing with products from big companies. Our packaging really pops-out on crowded store shelves. It is elegant, stylish, and really grabs people’s attention. Just as importantly, it also communicates how our very innovative toys work.¬†Our toys are being sold in a range of retail locations, from mom & pop stores to museums. It’s clear to us that their great work has been a big factor in how (relatively) easy it’s been to get stores to try our toys – and also for the above-average sales we’ve experienced so far.”

-C.J. Krizan & Adela Luque, Co-Founders, Nene Imagination

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