How to make gnocchi the preferred pasta option for time-crunched consumers? Tell it like it is — it’s the original 2-minute pasta™! The Nocca™ pasta brand elevates gnocchi from a fringe pasta option, to the preferable pasta type among a very competitive pasta category. As one of the quickest pasta varieties to cook (boil it for just 2 minutes, until they float), gnocchi is a convenient and tender pasta variety that is appealing to a wide range of consumers who want fast, convenient meal ideas.

Miller was tasked with brand positioning, brand strategy, brand naming, identity and packaging design. We extended the identity across web and marketing materials for a cohesive and consistent brand voice.

The brand needed a differentiated brand position to compete with the entrenched US pasta category. We set out to own ‘convenience and speed’, marketing Nocca gnocchi as the Original 2-Minute Pasta™, and highlighting the tender, appealing texture of this product.

Gnocchi is also a traditional Italian pasta variety that has gained popularity in restaurants, but is less available at retail with few options. Nocca brings this pasta favorite to the home consumer with recipe ideas and clearly describing the Italian heritage and authenticity on packaging and website.

Nocca offers a variety of flavors like Truffle and Pesto flavors, as well as a gluten-free option among other varieties.

Nocca’s Italian-made authentic gnocchi is sold in supermarkets across the USA and is positioned to make waves among much more established pasta brands.

Nocca Pasta Brand
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