Pyure Organic Stevia Sweetener


Brand Identity Refresh, Packaging Design, Copywriting

Pyure Brands is an innovative company that produces healthful, great tasting alternatives to sugar and artificial sweeteners. The company approached Miller Creative to create a new system for branding and packaging their line of all natural stevia sweeteners that would help them stand out among competing brands.

The first strategic recommendation was to utilize a unique purple brand color across all SKUs. Research showed that most brands were using shades of green. To help the unique spelling of the name Pyure become more memorable, we emphasized the ‘y’ and used it to visually highlight the natural values of the brand.

The packaging system uses visual rhythm with kaleidoscopic images incorporating the stevia leaf and food products that can be made with Pyure sweeteners. The non-standard visual format helps the packaging stand out better and aids in shelf-blocking.

Helpful icons and visuals help make the product relevant to a wider base of consumers that may not have considered stevia sweeteners before — the packaging itself helps to expand the market size, which benefits the entire stevia category.

Pyure products are now available in 15,000 stores nationwide including Walmart, Target and more, testimony to the power of a great product with effective branding.

Pyure Logo Before and
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